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The W models surpassed their predecessor, the Mercedes-Benz W models, as the most successful Mercedes, selling 2. The W became a hit with the public due to its modern look. Following the slow build-up during the first year of production as to ensure the high and consistent quality, the customers who placed their orders faced a lengthy waiting period of nine to twelve months.

A black market emerged for the customers who were willing to pay more for immediate delivery. The slightly used W commanded about 5, Deutsche Mark premium over its original sale price. Like its predecessors, W gained the reputation of being over-engineered, well-built, durable, and reliable. Many taxi companies chose W for this reason, and they were common sight in Germany.

Reachingor 1, km with minor mechanical issues was common with W used as taxicabs. Once the W reached the end of service life, they were often shipped to Africa and third world countries where they were highly esteemed for ability to travel on rough roads and further without frequent maintenance [ citation needed ].

W production ended in January with 63 final T-models rolling out. Most popular single models were the Dbuiltthe Ebuiltand the Dbuilt. W shares some technical similarities with its predecessors such as engines, steering system, and suspension system. The design is updated with lot of styling cues from its larger sibling, Mercedes-Benz Wnamely wider ribbed taillights, horizontal headlamps and front turn signal indicators on the outer edge, pull-to-open door handles, and so forth.

The interior is modernised with larger instrument panel, a centre set of round ventilation outlets, new HVAC control panel, single row of control switches in the centre, the new centre console flowing seamlessly from the dashboard to the tunnel housing, and like.

The instrument panel has three large gauges placed behind a single plastic cover. The manual HVAC control panel contains three large dials with left and right dials for individual temperature control and centre dial for fan speed control. The air flow control is done by two slide handles left for upper zone and right for lower zone.

If the optional air conditioning unit is ordered, a temperature roll dial is fitted to the row of control switches. The automatic HVAC control panel is simplified with single roll disc on the left for temperature control, a row of push buttons in the middle for directing the air flow and switching the system on and off, and a vertical set of button on the right for controlling the fan speed and switching automatic control on and off. This setup is same for the North American models with the sealed beam capsules and glass plate partially covering the headlamp housing.

The latter is never offered in the North American market due to the archaic headlamp regulations there. The rest of model range has bumpers with smaller chrome inserts and larger rubber covers, resembling the beefier North American bumpers.Mercedes-Benz dates back toand in the last years, the company has made a lot of fantastic cars. Mercedes has created everything from world-class supercars to massive luxury barges for heads-of-state and the like. Let's start at the beginning with the Benz Patent-Motorwagen.

The Patent-Motorwagen is widely regarded as the first car. Compared to virtually any other car, it was absolute rubbish. The engine reached only two-and-a-half horsepower, steering was accomplished with a device that would look more in-place on an old-timey bathtub, and it only had three thin wheels. Compared to the other transportation of the time, it was groundbreaking.

fastest w123

Hilariously, even Karl Benz remained unconvinced that his creation was ready for prime-time, so his wife, Bertha Benz, drove it to see her mother 65 miles away. She didn't just go on the first road trip in order to publicize her husband's invention, she even acted as her own mechanic on the way, using her hat-pin to clean the fuel pipe and her garter to insulate a wire.

The W is not the most glamorous Mercedes by a wide margin, but it certainly is one of the best. The W was available as a sedan, a wagon, a long-wheelbase sedan or an ambulance, and a variety of gasoline and diesel engines were available. The W was one of the single most dependable vehicles ever made. To this day, the continent of Africa is reliant on diesel Ws that have managed to survive not just time, but everything from off-roading to fighting hippos. They are incredible cars. After the second world warMercedes-Benz was hurting.

Most of its facilities had been converted to produce war machines, and the vast majority of them had been destroyed by allied air strikes. One of the first cars Mercedes started selling after it rebuilt was the Ponton, which laid the foundation for the modern-day C-Class.

10 Diesel Cars You'd Be A Fool To Disrespect

The Ponton was a car that had most of the elegance of the more expensive Benzes, but at a much more attainable price. Almost anything Cosworth touches turns to gold. Originally intended to be a rally car, the E Cosworth showed up right as rally racing was starting to be dominated by AWD cars.

FIA's GT1 class was awesome. Not only were the cars dramatic, fast and fun to watch, but they also needed to be homologated for road use.

That means that the CLK GTR isn't just a sweet race car, there are a few people out there who can drive it around in the real world. The C63 is, without a doubt, the most important car AMG has ever made. There are more C63s on the road than any other AMG by a wide margin, and it's easy to see why.Portal Search Calendar Help. Hello There, Guest! Login Register. Login Username: Password: Lost Password? Remember me. Thread Rating: 0 Vote s - 0 Average 1 2 3 4 5.

Thread Modes. This post was last modified:PM by willbhere4u. Very old news. Thats where the "superturbo" term came from. So whats the deal with the supercharger on this thing?

Whats it borrowed off of? And whats with all the tubing near the IP? First time out of the garage with new engine setup. OM engine heavily modified with twin turbos and one blower in dualstage setup.

Drysump, modified engine internals. Testing begins in spring All I've ever seen of it is the build pictures and one burnout video. They put in OM to get more power than OM Apparently I just need to live in colder climates where I have more free time on my hands.

Looking awsome! Aeroturbine muffler, scratch-built 4" stainless exhaust. What went?

The 12 Greatest Mercedes-Benzes of All Time

What had been done to the engine, rebuild? Were we correct in assuming the was originally a naturally aspirated engine? View a Printable Version. Forum Team Contact Us superturbodiesel. Linear Mode. Threaded Mode. Lost Password? Thread Modes worlds fastest w supercharged and turbo. ForcedInduction ViewProfile. Without the though.But is it even necessary, in the case of the W?

fastest w123

What other car designed thirty thirty-five years ago still looks so fresh and contemporary? And whose all-round capabilities even come close? And whose obvious influence on just about every modern car is so widespread? Need I go on? During the same time period during which GM was going through its revolutionary switch to front wheel driveMercedes-Benz was also going through something of a revolution of its own. This period yielded what many consider some of the best cars ever from Mercedes.

The first was the W S-Class, which was decidedly sleeker, narrower, more aerodynamic and efficient than its rather bulky W predecessor.

fastest w123

And its amenities were much more to the expectations of American luxury car buyers. But under the skin, it still owed much of its drive train and suspension technology to its predecessor. Two years later, Mercedes unveiled the compact Wits first step into the compact market in modern times.

This was a huge new step for a conservative company whose products had always been in the upper-middle to premium class. The was a completely new car in every way, except perhaps the transmission. It premiered a new multi-link independent rear suspension that became the gold standard, and widely influential.

But the was very compact by modern standards, with limited rear leg room. As such, it was something of a minor dud in the American market.

Or perhaps it just challenged the conventional wisdom of what a Mercedes should be to well. But by the early-mid eighties, the W had become a bit of a neo-classic, with all the qualities that Mercedes were famous for—anvil-like structural solidity, high quality materials, unshakable suspensions— as well as being stodgy and not exactly fun to drive, unless it was perhaps to Tierra de la Fuego and back.

So there was a lot riding on its successor, the W The W body was given two priorities: reduced weight and improved aerodynamics. That Mercedes was able to shave several hundred pounds out of a car the same size as its predecessor—yet with substantially improved rigidity—alone was a very significant accomplishment. Undoubtedly, the use of modern CAD and high-strength steel helped make that possible. Mercedes put its pioneering experience in aerodynamics to exceptional use on the W Its CD of as low as 0.

And its narrow but tall body made no concessions to passenger space, comfort and visibility in the quest of aerodynamic slipperiness. The front end was dramatically sleeker than any Benz sedan before it. Maybe it should have been ditched, but that might have been a step too far for most Mercedes buyers. Eventually, it would, on an increasing number of Mercedes sedans.

Under the hood there were more big changes. Most Ws sold here were diesels, the top model being the TD, with the five cylinder turbo-charged diesel. The E was available, but its engine had been severely emasculated, and was not very popular. Mercedes took one leap from glorified taxi cabs to the most dynamic sedan in the world.

And it did that with utter composure; had never seemed so relatively uneventful. Yes, a Camry V6 would blow it away today, but this all has to be seen in the context of its time, when America was just awakening from its Malaise slumber or bad dream. With a top speed of mph, it quickly took the fastest-sedan mantle and kept it for some time.Sign up to receive the weekly newsletter featuring the very latest from Petrolicious. The stylethe speedthe soundsthe feelings that can transform your daily commute into an exhilarating drive rather than a numb moment of travel between A and B.

Sports cars are awesome. But as much as I appreciate them, my practicality shines through: I love sedans… and trucks… and even some vans! But why? As history has proven, the W Mercedes-Benz may very well be a contender for one of the best-made automobiles ever. W production began in and by the end of its run init had surpassed its W predecessor as the best-selling Mercedes-Benz of all time—around 2. Though not known for speed they are quite slowthese Mercs feature cast-iron engine blocks that have proven to be one of the most robust power plants ever to grace a German automobile.

A quick skim through the classifieds will reveal a number of W with several hundred thousand miles of punishment—some have pushed past the million-mile mark. This model is a D, as in it has, count it: 1, 2, 4, 5, 3— a five-cylinder diesel engine and a four-speed manual gearbox—did I mention it has blue leather interior? With less than 34, kilometers since new, this one-owner cared for cruiser presents exceptionally clean inside and out.

The listing notes the car is all-original and in complete unrestored condition; even the undercarriage and engine compartment look squared away. The low kilometers, preserved condition, and one owner history come at a price, but could you really get more car for the money?

Wheelbase: inches. I owned a W for about a year. Tripmeter k at the time i got this car. The 1st owner is a 72 year old gentleman and i am now Enjoying this car every single day. I thought it was broken. I jerked the motor out and sold it to guy to put in a boat.

Classic Mercedes-Benz 300TD for Sale

Scrapped the car. According to wikipedia: 80bhp!

Mercedes Rally Aufnahmen - Fahrzeuge w123 / w107 - 1977

Honestly, it was a chore to drive. Nice ride, though. Way to trash a perfectly good car. Buying my 5th W tomorrow- This one is a CD two owner with low mileage… I keep thinking I found my last W only to find a nicer one around the corner.

I had a TD T stands for touring — for about 4 years — great car — forgot how many miles it had! I had a D turbodiesel. While I liked my D 2 liter 5 sp better, miles I cannot fault the W It was a great car. The W did get much better fuel economy. Facebook Google. Subscribe to newsletter. Sign Up. Tweet Share Before the country went into full lockdown mode […]. For one thing, the setting for this concours is different; it is staged on a rooftop. The s. It is fun to watch, not only for the cars and the girls who are grandmas nowbut for the period narration by then local newscaster Tom Brookshier of TV 10 — which cracked me up […].

Giulietta Spiders have always been the cars I bought, probably because it always seemed that the Sprint was harder to find. By the time I really started to look for a Giulietta Sprint, times had changed and they were […]. Ordering stuff online has become a go-to activity for car people cooped up at home by pandemic fears.

Yesterday, we saw how he broke the mph mark on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, but wound up crashing his car at the end after the parachute failed.

In this film, Breedlove returns […]. After a hiatus of several years, American Motors once again offered a pillarless 2-door coupe version of its basic Rambler for There also was […]. Bob Riley and his team are known for building some of the most successful racing cars ever produced. But now, Riley Technologies is involved in another race, the race against the coronavirus pandemic.

Set an alert to be notified of new listings. Now showing page 1 of 1. Browse Category. Search Tools. Set an Alert. The Mercedes-Benz W succeeded the W intaking over the role of mid-sized volume-sales l I am the second owner of this nice car. I enjoyed it over the past 15 years. Car has been completely restored. Refine Search.

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Interested In Other Items? Sign up for our daily newsletter Click Here. Get our app. Information Help Center.Sign up to receive the weekly newsletter featuring the very latest from Petrolicious. That was the sales tagline for the company when these cars were launched, and the entirety of the W model range comprised an unprecedented diversity of vehicles.

Equipped with four and six-cylinder petrol engines both carbureted and fuel-injectedas well as four and five-cylinder diesel motors including turbodieselsthere was plenty of choice when it came to propulsion, and there were also four body styles to choose from in addition to the built-to-order and other specialty vehicles.

Before getting too specific, no appraisal of the W can be considered fair without a brief outline of how Daimler-Benz was able to launch such an extensive and comprehensive range of this model in the mids. The U. S Air Force had flattened most of the Sindelfingen plant for instance, which had by the end of of the war been reduced to using forced labor on little to no wages and in appalling conditions.

The once-proud heritage of the two major inventors of the motor car was seemingly at its end. However, a new way, and quite possibly the only way forward, was for the company to use its superb engineering abilities to produce vehicles of a quality and reliability the world had not yet seen, and to particularly emphasize safety features, which were rarely even considered at the time.

Daimler-Benz were to plough this lonely furrow, when the vast majority of their competitors had little regard to the longevity or safety of their products. Regardless of how good the cars were or were going to be though, in many places—and particularly in the U.

It was going to take time and a very special car to break into these markets indeed. After the U. The zeitgeist was shifting, and the cars would soon stand on their own merits in public opinion. It was the first time a Mercedes-Benz had a friendly face, in comparison to their history to that point of technologically advanced but rather dour and stern-looking automobiles. The W was approachable, inviting, and just plain pleasant to look at.

The engineering of these cars was also an accomplishment of course, and waiting lists for this new generation were quite long—over a year for most models in the beginning. Here was a superbly-engineered saloon car that also came in coupe and estate versions that was built for supreme safety and longevity, which in turn are of course long term economic investments in the sense of brand identity and reputation.

On the other hand, if you build a car that rarely needs replacing, then you might have a hard time selling the new ones!

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All this was not to last of course, the replacement models W and W were to be very different in concept: easier to produce, and significantly cheaper to build, with less of the build quality W owners had come to expect and enjoy.

It was a slippery slope, and as expected by many, it has led to reliability and longevity becoming comprised in pursuit of other objectives. Many cars and car companies were only too willing to slip into the shoes of the extremely well-built W model, but few and arguably none have achieved as much. You really need to do better research before printing these articles. The SEL came at the end of that model year and were sold as s.

As good as this chassis is, it definitely has its share of problems. The odometer stopped working about 6 years ago at 1,xxx miles. At roughly 65k a year, she should be right around 1. The article is a little misleading.

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It was development of the W And the W did solve a lot of the ws problems. She was a solid vehicle that drew out a lot of stories and admiring looks from other people. I look back fondly on the many years and miles we shared. My wife loved driving her and one day she got pulled over for exceeding the speed limit. That was easy to do because the car pulled smoothly at any speed and would go MUCH faster than it felt.

When i was 16 i drowe D, at 19 D. Growing with Mercedes.

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